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Ronny Someck - his works



Yair Mazor - A Poet Writes the Blues
The Modern Hebrew Poetry of Ronny Someck
HenschelHAUS (2016)



Yair Mazor - Poetic Acrobat, the poetry of Ronny Someck

with works by various Israelic artists
translation by Marganit Weinberger-Rotman
Goblin Fern Press (2008)


Title Title in English What
1976 Goleh Exile poetry
1980 Solo Solo poetry
1984 Asfalt Asphalt poetry
1987 7 Shurot al pele ha-Yarkon Seven lines on the wonder of the yarkon poetry
1989 Bardales Panther poetry
1994 Bladi mery Bloody Mary poetry
1996 Gan Eden le-orez Rice paradise poetry
1998 Kaftor Hatzhok The laughter button book for children (with Shirly Someck)
2001 Ha-metofef shel ha-mahpekhah The revolution drummer poetry
2005 Machteret he-halav The milk underground poetry
2009 Alge'er Algeria poetry
2012 Monkey tough, monkey bluff Monkey tough, monkey bluff book for children (with Shirly Someck)
2013 Horse Power Horse Power poetry