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April 3th 2019

Exhibition 'Tabula Rasa'

Ronny Someck took part in 'the international plain notebook project ‏ Tabula Rasa', a group exhibition.

The exhibition took place in the 'Gallery on the cliff', Natenya until the 6th of April 2019.

Curator was Dr. Guy Morag Tsapelevich.




March 14th 2019


Ronny Someck's poem for the series 'Ma'abarot'

For the lead of the series 'Ma'abarot', which means: transit camp, they used the poem 'Poverty Line' of Ronny Someck.
Here you can see the clip.
The singer is Sahy Zoberi.

Poverty Line


As if it were possible to draw a line and say: beneath this is poverty.
Here is the bread that blackens
in cheap mascara pigments
and the olives sitting in a small dish
on the tablecloth.
The pigeons’ flyby
to the sound of bells from the kerosene salesman’s red cart,
and the thud of rubber boots landing on the muddy ground.
I was a boy in a house called a shack,
in a neighborhood called an immigrant camp.
The only line I could see was the horizon, and everything beneath it looked like


Trans: Avia Tadmor



February 10th 2019


Ronny Someck - Meir Ariel Prize

Yesterday Ronny Someck received the Meir Ariel Prize for Creativity in the Hebrew Language 2019   Ronny Someck - Meir Ariel Prize   Ronny Someck - Meir Ariel Prize



January 6th 2019

Exhibition 'Prisoner Camp'

The exhibition 'Prisoner Camp', a cooperation between Ronny Someck and the artist Shahar Sarig, opened on 06/01/2019.

Place: the 'Kibbuzim College of Education, Technology & Art' in Tel Aviv utill 28/2/2019.

See some photos of the opening here.

See the catalogue > here

Ronny Someck   Ronny Someck  
The catalogue   The exhibition   Ronny Someck and the curator Yosi Mis'han



January 2 2019

Ronny Someck interview in El Nacional (Mexico)

Read the interview in the Mexican newspaper 'El Nacional' from December 9th 2018 with Ronny Someck (Spanish) > here



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