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Ronny Someck - news



January 6th 2019

Exhibition 'Prisoner Camp'

The exhibition 'Prisoner Camp', a cooperation between Ronny Someck and the artist Shahar Sarig, opened on 06/01/2019.

Place: the 'Kibbuzim College of Education, Technology & Art' in Tel Aviv utill 28/2/2019.

See some photos of the opening here.

See the catalogue > here

Ronny Someck   Ronny Someck  
The catalogue   The exhibition   Ronny Someck and the curator Yosi Mis'han



January 2 2019

Ronny Someck interview in El Nacional (Mexico)

Read the interview in the Mexican newspaper 'El Nacional' from December 9th 2018 with Ronny Someck (Spanish) > here



December 8th 2018

The performance 'Dream Patrols'

On december 7th the performance 'Dream Patrols' took place.
This was in cooperation of 'Mot Pour Mot Marseille'.

Theatrical, musical and choreographic adaptation of the poems of Ronny Someck, in resonance with Hagit Grossman, Mahmoud Darwich, Marwan Mahul, Prévert , Alain Serres, Daniel Maximin… In French, English, Hebrew and Arabic addressing the issue of "living together"

It took place on the 7/12 in 'Bet Hagefen Theatre' in Haifa, as part of the Holiday of Holidays Festival.

The participations were:
Poet - Ronny Someck
Performers - Pascale Goëta (actress from Marseille), Rabie Khoury (Arabic actor)
Dancer/choreographer - Yankalle Filtser
Sound director - Fred Gremeaux
Photography - Maya Shoham, Alain Chevallier
Director - Clara Barbuscia

More information > here

ronny someck - dream patrols 2018
Ronny Someck   Ronny Someck  



October 31th 2018

Ronny Someck visited Mexico and New York

Ronny Someck visited Mexico for the presentation of a new book 'Yo la amo y que el mundo arda' and the opening of the exhibition 'Mas que mil palabras...' (= More than a thousand words...).
The opening was on October 18th.

    His new book in the bookstore

Ronny Someck


Ronny Someck

The new book 'Yo la amo y que el mundo arda'   Ronny Someck with the translators Alberto Huberman & Angelina Muniz-Huberma   A screenshot from a television porgram
The exhibition   Ronny Someck with Tal Naim the curator at the opening   The writer Elena Poniatowska under her portrait made by Ronny Someck

Ronny Someck in New York

After Mexico he visited New York for among other things to visit an exhibition about the Banana made by Andy Warhol and a Poetry Slam at Silvana Harlem New York.

  Ronny Someck New York   Ronny Someck New York
    Ronny Someck at the exhibition in honor of the banana made by Andy Warhol   Ronny Someck at the poetry slam at Silvana Harlem NY



September 17th 2018

Ronny Someck visited Paris

Ronny Someck visited Paris to promote his French book 'Le piano ardent'.

On friday 14 september he was guest at 'La Maison de la Poésie' and on saturday he performed together with the jazz pianist Thierry Eliez.

    Invitation for 15 september
Invitation for 14 september   Liora and Ronny Someck    
    Thierry Eliez, Murielle Szac and Ronny Someck at La Maison de Poésie on 15 september   Thierry Eliez and Ronny Someck at La Maison de Poésie on 15 september
Ronny Someck and poet Isabelle Lagny   Ronny Someck and poet Salah Al Hamdani    



September 1st 2018

New exhibition Text Tailor, Azul Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

Ronny Someck takes part in the exhibition 'Text Tailor' with the poem 'A tribute to the magazine Burda' in the Azul Art Gallery in Tel Aviv.
Read the event info > here



Poème d'éloge au journal de mode 'Burda'

Je suis fils de couturière, et quand j'étais enfant je prenais
un cyprès à une aiguille verte
un trou à la terre défaite
et la tempête marine à un noeud frappant les vagues
avec le bleu d'une bobine de fils.
A la fin de chaque jour mon père enroulait le mètre à mesurer
qui se tordait comme un serpent sur le fauteuil,
et je caressais avec un aimant le visage soyeux du tapis,
pour redresser les aiguilles noyées entre les poils

Ma mère naviguait vers des pays dont les frontières étaient les lignes pointillées
des pages à découper dans le journal de mode « Burda »
elle rêvait de remplir de paillettes la robe de soirée de
Grace Kelly, la princesse de Monaco.
Elle ne le l'avouera pas, mais moi qui me piquais le bout des doigts
avant que j'apprenne à coudre des boutons de rêve sur mes chemises de jours,
je peux en témoigner

The poem and the installation   Ronny Someck at the opening
Photo: Esteban Andres Dickstein
  Ronny Someck with his daughter Shirly Someck
Ronny and Liora Someck
Photo: Esteban Andres Dickstein



June 22th 2018

Ronny Someck visited the Poetry Festival of Genoa Italy

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the 24th Festival Internazionale di Poesia at Genoa Italy 1-18 June 2018.

See some pictures here
Read the complete program > here


  Ronny Someck in Genova 2018  
    Ronny Someck on stage in Genoa    
Ronny Someck with Aymen Hacen (Tunesia)   Ronny Someck, holding Mahmoud Darwish, and Aymen Hacen (Tunesia) with Vladimir Mayakovsky   Ronny Someck with José Pulido (Venezuela)



June 2th 2018

New exhibition 'Hall of Fame' in Marseille, France

A new exhibition of Ronny Someck at the 'Maison Blanche, 150 Boulevard Paul Claudel, Marseille, France. The exhibition is called 'Hall of Fame' and you will see 50 portraits made by him.

The vernissage is on thursday June 7th 2018 at 18:30 hours.
Read the program > here



Marseille mon amour

Marseille est une chatte des rues
caressée par la main des montagnes
qui l’encerclent.
Réflexion faite : la montagne n’a pas de mains,
ni Marseille de fourrure,
et malgré tout il est si facile de gémir pour elle
un poème d’amour.

Ronny Someck
Traduit par Michel Eckhard Elial

    Ronny Someck at the opening    
Actress Cecile Conbredet at the opening   Ronny Someck at the opening   Liora and Ronny Someck at the opening
The mayor of Marseille enters the gallery   The reading at the libraire scrupule in Montpellier    


a wall at the exhibition




March 27th 2018

Ronny Someck choose jasmine for Roots Liquor

This year, in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, Milk & Honey (M & H) Distillery, Israel’s first whisky distillery, decided to incorporate the story of their distillery into a larger, broader, and more complete context - The story of what it means to be Israeli.

It is only natural for them to celebrate with a new creation – a spirit that symbolizes the essence of authenticity, aroma, flavor, distinction, and similarity that are so deeply enrooted in the Israeli existence.

They contacted seven people from diverse cultural and professional fields, individuals who are revolutionary, creative, daring entrepreneurs, and asked them to choose a unique herb, root or spice that represents the essence of Israel to them.
Each of these individuals’ personal and professional paths represents something of the roots that outline their shared journey.
Together, their choices created a complete, unique blend specially prepared at their distillery – Roots Liquor, based on their New Make product.

Ronny Someck was one of the seven and he choose jasmine..

Ronny Someck:
“Jasmine is the aromatic bridge between Baghdad (my city of origin) and the country where I live.”

Read the prospectus > here
Read more on their site > here

  ronny someck whisky



March 27th 2018

Ronny Someck visited Palma, the Balearic Islands
XX Festival de poesia de la Mediterrània 10-15 april 2018

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the XX Festival de poesia de la Mediterrània in Palma, the Balearic Islands (Spain).

See, hear and read some impressions here.

    Ronny Someck (photo: Liora Someck)    
Mehdi Mousav (Iran), Fatemeh Ekhtesari (Iran) and Ronny Someck   Ronny Someck with Giovanni Dotoli (Italy)   Ronny Someck with Leire Bilbao (Spain)

You can read the text > here   You can read the text > here


Teatre Principal de Palma FESTA DE LA POESIA 15 april

You will see Ronny Someck after 53 minutes and 50 seconds (you can scroll to it if you want to).
The other poets are Nora Albert, Leire Bilbao, Marius Chivu, Meritxell Cucarella-Jorba, Giovanni Dotoli, Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Kaloune, France Mongeau, Mehdi Mousavi, Chus Pato, Pere Perelló Nomdedéu, Miriam Reyes and Jaume Subirana.

Piano: Pascal Comelade



March 27th 2018

New exhibition 'My Hebrew Hall of Fame'

A new exhibition of Ronny Someck at the "Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center" in" Tel Aviv University". It is called 'My Hebrew Hall of Fame'.

See some pictures of the opening.

  Ronny Someck - exhibition 'My Hebrew Hall of Fame'

The audience    
The wall   Ronny Someck and Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid at the opening giving his speach   Prof. Dan Laor, the head of the Cymbalista Center, Dr. Dorit Zilberman, Ronny Someck and Yair Lapid

The banner   The wall   The wall
The crowd at the opening       Ronny Someck and prof. Nurit Govrin



March 9th 2018

Opening Ronny Someck's exhibition 'Hang ’em High

On March 8th was the opening of Ronny Someck's exhibition 'Hang ’em High - 24 Poets, Writers and Philosophers hanging on one wall'.

See some pictures here.

You can see the exhibition at the Zemack Contemporary Art, 68 Hey B-yiar Street, Tel Aviv (Hamedina Sq.) until april 8th.

Opening Hours: Sun.-Thur. 09:30-20:00, Fri. 09:30-15:00 info@zcagallery.com
Tel +972-3-6915060

  Ronny Someck Mexico
    Yedioth Ahronoth about the exhibition
  Ronny Someck Mexico
With Piet van den Boog and Ronny Someck's Dutch book   Photo Yossi Souva   With his wife Liora Someck



February 23 2018

Petit Beurre


En face du vieux bâtiment de l’usine Lu à Nantes
Où a été fabriqué pour la première fois le Petit Beurre,
je fais renaître la tante Marcelle,
élève de l’Ecole de l’Alliance à Bagdad,
qui a voulu avec ces biscuits
Imprimer le goût de la France
aux cascades de lait et de thé anglais
qui coulaient à flots dans la gorge de mon père.
Je ne me souviens pas ce qu’elle comprenait de la poésie,
mais après de nombreuses années, elle réussit, à son insu,
à planter dans les lobes de mon cerveau les « Fleurs du Mal » de Baudelaire
et à les parsemer de la rouille des feuilles mortes du poème de Jacques Prévert.
« Prends, me dit-elle, en remplissant ma poche, et sens
dans chaque bouchée le beurre français ».
« Prends, je lui dis maintenant, et imagine-moi à l’endroit
bourré de sacs de farine, de mottes de beurre et des fours qui se paraient
de cheminées, sur lesquelles tu aurais pu mettre en vitrine
la blancheur de ton front
et tes joues pourpres,
le ruban bleu qui courait dans tes cheveux,
et sentir, comme dans le poème d’Apollinaire,
que tu es, pour un instant, le drapeau français ».


Traduit par Michel Eckhard Elial




February 19 2018

Ronny Someck visited Nantes, France
Festival Atlantide 15 - 18 february 2018

See some pictures here.

Read the program > here

    Talking about poetry with Cristelle Capo-Chicchi, Charles Dantzig (France) and Rodney Saint-Éloi (Haiti).


The poster       With the other poets
    Visiting Nantes   With Cristelle Capo Chichi
    Visiting The museum of Jules Verne with Yahia Belaskri (Algeria)   With the writer Alain Mabanckou



February 5-9 2018


Ronny Someck visited Brussels Belgium
5 - 9 february 2018

See some pictures here.

Read the program > here

    Ronny and Liora Someck
        Salah Al Hamdani and Ronny Someck at the parlement in Brussel
Liora Someck made Iraqin pita at the parlement in Brussel        


New exhibition

On 7 february 2018 a new exhibition of art from Ronny Someck was openend in Le Chant Des Rues gallery in Brussels. The curators are Isabelle Leclah and Rachid Barghouti, and the name of the exhibition is 'Jacques Brel and friends'.

You can visit the exhibition until 23 march 2018.


Salah Al Hamdani, the curators Isabelle Leclah and Rachid Barghouti and Ronny Someck at the opening    



December 3 2017

Ronny Someck at the Feria Internacional Del Libro de Guadalajara, Mexico

Ronny Someck visited the Feria Internacional Del Libro de Guadalajara, Mexico, 25 november - 3 december 2017.

Here are some pictures.

Read an interview in Spanish with Ronny Someck > here
nd another one also in Spanish > here

  Ronny Someck Mexico
Miriam Muscuna interviews Ronny Someck at the presentation at Guadalajara Book Fair   Ronny Someck at the Book Fair   One of the posters
Ronny Someck after the reading at Guadalajara University   Ronny and Liora Someck with the Maryachi Cergio Capio   Ronny Someck in the Museum of the Maya
Ronny and Liora Someck at a coffeeshop in Guadalajara   Ronny and Liora Someck at Chapultapek Mexico City    



Tel-Aviv at night

Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat play and sing Ronny Someck 's poem 'Tel-Aviv at night' at the Festival Internacional Cervantino 2017 in Mexico.
Read the poem > here



November 12 2017

A tribute to Ronny Someck at Tel Aviv

‘Revenge of the stuttering child’, a concert dedicated to Ronny's' work at the Zavta theatre in Tel Aviv.
Participating: Eran Tzur, Yahli Sobol, Daniel Solomon, Asaf Roth, Karni Postel, Keren Teperberg, Talma Gefen and Ronny Someck.



September 16 2017

Today was the opening of a new exhibition of Ronny Someck in the bookstore ‘Karon Hasfarim’ (=book caravan) in Tivon. See some pictures here.


    Thomas Hobbes
        Immanuel Kant



September 13 2017

Les Entrelacs d’Aymen Hacen: Ronny Someck, Abou Algérie!

In his program 'Les Entrelacs d'Aymen Hacen' Aymen Hacen talks about Ronny Someck and his poem 'Algérie' (='Algeria').

Hear the program > here




If I had another daughter
I'd call her Algeria,
and you would doff your colonial hats to me
and call me "Abu Algeria."
In the morning, when she opened her chocolate eyes
I would say: "Now Africa is waking up,"
and she would caress the blonde on her sister's head
certain that she had rediscovered gold.
The grains on the seashore would be her sandbox
and in the footprints of the French who fled from there
she would hide the dates that dropped from the trees.
"Algeria," I would clasp the railing of the balcony and call to her:
"Algeria, come home, and see how I'm painting the eastern wall
with the brush of the Sun."

Translation: Vivian Eden



September 5 2017


Voix Vives Festival, festival de poesia Toledo 1-3 september 2017

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the poetryfestival 'Voix Vives, de Mediterraneo en Mediterraneo' which took place in Toledo, Spain from 1 till 3 september 2017.

See some pictures here.

Read the complete program > here



ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017
The opening of the festival. The Spanish actor Miguel Barrara reads one of Ronny Someck's poems.   Abdul Hadi Saadoun (Iraq), Hamid Tibouchi (Tunesia) and Ronny Someck.   Liora and Ronny Someck in front of the El Greco Museum, Toledo.
ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017
With Aymen Hacen (Tunisia).   Reading at midnight. At the background the cathedral and the castle Al Qasr. The actrice Rosanna Bardros reads poems of Aymen Hacen (Tunisia) and Ronny Someck.   Einak Mawasi (Palestinia), Aymen Hacen (Tunisia), Ronny Someck
ronny someck - sete 2017        
With Wafir Sheik (Sudan).        



August 21 2017

Read an interview with Ronny Someck in the newspaper Yedioth Tel Aviv> here



July 31 2017

Voix Vives Festival de Poésie Sète 21-29 July 2017

Ronny Someck was one of the hundred poets of the poetryfestival 'Voix Vives, de Méditerranée en Méditerranée' which took place in Sète, France from 21 till 29 july 2017.

See some pictures here.

Read the complete program > here



ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017
Reading on a boat with the actor Julien Guill   with Marie Claude Char, the wife of the French writer and poet René Char (1907-1988)   with Mazin Mamoory (Iraq)
ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017
with Moncef Ouhaibi (Tunisia)   with Sapho   with the actress Olivia Nicosia
ronny someck - sete 2017   ronny someck - sete 2017    
with two poets from Iraq, Mazin Mamoory and Mohammed Jaber, and singer Sapho from Marocco   Ronny Someck with his daughter Shirly    



June 28 2017

spoken portrait of Ronny Someck on Radio Culture France

Hear a spoken portrait of Ronny Someck (in 4 parts and in French) on radio France Culture > here



May 20 2017

Ronny Someck at the festival ‘The Banquet’ at Mishkenot Sha’ananim Jerusalem

From 16 may until 19 may ther was at Mishkenot Sha’ananim 'The Banquet', a literary and culinary festival.

Ronny Someck participated on may 19 in the program 'Who Wants Strawberries? Food and Love in Poetry'.
The best poets of Israel and the world have always intertwined food and love in their poetry. This magical morning event was led by Nissim Calderon, who talked to Anat Einhar, Ronny Someck and Eran Tzur about the passion and sensuality that simmer on a low flame and between the lines. The event was accompanied by Ola Schur-Selektar with readings and singnig.
Ronny Someck's contrubution was the recipe 'Madeleine cookies according to Herma's recipe'.
Read the recipe > here

The Banquet is a unique literary festival that brings poetry, food, magic, wine, love, and poison to center stage for four days of vibrant and stimulating experiences at Mishkenot Sha’ananim. It will include poetic tasting events, performances, music, theater and workshops.

Read Ronny Someck's recipe for Madeleine cookies > here
It is a tribute to Marcel Proust. This is the poem Ronny Someck wrote for him:

A Letter to Marcel Proust

The clock you
Hung in the foundry
Of time
Stopped at the moment
You ceased being
A soldier in the army
Of the wound.
Nothing is lost
If the words you describe the madelaine
Is still a mouthful.





May 20 2017

Ronny Someck in French magazine 'Telerama'

French magazine 'Telerama' choose Ronny Soemck's poem 'Bliss' as poem of the week.


Nous sommes posés sur le gâteau
comme des figurines de mariés,
quand le couteau tranchera
essayons de rester sur la même tranche.

Translation: Michel Eckhard Elial



We are placed on a wedding cake
like the two dolls, bride and groom.
Wwhen the knife strikes
We’ll try to stay on the same slice.

Translation: Yair Mazor




April 9 2017


Le Piano Ardent

There is a new book with poems of Ronny Someck translated into French. The book is called 'Le Piano Ardent' (= the burning piano) and the translator is Michel Eckhad Elial. The presentation of the book was on april 4th in Aix en Provence.
For the promotion of the book Ronny Someck gave also readings in Montpellier and Lausanne.
Here are some photos.


Aix en Provence

The poster   Reading and presentation in Centre Darius Milhaud with the actress Pascale Goëta and with the translator Michel Eckhad Elial   Ronny and Liora Someck visited the atelier of Paul Cezanne


Reading in La Maison des Relations Internationales with the translator Michel Eckhard Elial and actress Mangli Rosher    


Reading in Lausanne with Angela Sanmann from the University de Lausanne   The cover of the new book



March 15 2017

Ronny Someck at the Jewish-Arabic festival 'Esther en Sheherazade', Molenbeek, Belgium

From the 9-15 march 2017 the first jewisch-arabic festival 'Esther en Sheherazade' took place at Molenbeek near Brussels Belgium. The Festval was organized by the 'Collectif d'accord de ne pas être d'accord' (Agree to desagree).
On saturday march 11th Ronny Someck and his arabic friend Salah al Hamdani, both born in Bagdad in the same year, were the mainguests at the program 'Van Bagdad tot Jeruzalem' (from Bagdad to Jerusalem).

But first there were workshops how to make bread with the title: 'Le pain des poètes/Het brood van de dichters' (the bread of the poets).
Liora Someck, Ronny's wife, showed the Belgian interested people how to make Pita Bread.

Read an interview in magazin Bruzz 21-03-2017 (in Dutch) > here




Liora Someck shows how to make Pita Bread    
Ronny Someck and Salah al Hamdani   Liora and Ronny Someck



March 4 2017

Ronny Someck guest at a Poetry Slam at the Incubator theatre Jerusalem

On friday March 3th Ronny Someck was one of the guests at the Poetry Slam at the Incubator theatre, Jerusalem.
See him > here

You will see him after about 17 minutes.



February 3 2017

Ronny Someck received a college prestige

Ronny Someck received a college prestige like Honorary degree of the Arab Academic College for Education in Israel in Haifa.

Here are some pictures of the ceremony.








November 7st 2016

Ronny Someck at the festival ‘Nuit de la Poésie’ in Paris

From saturday 12 november 19 h until the next morning at 7h57 there was in Paris the first 'Nuit de la Poésie'.

At 21h and at 6h15 the program was called 'Parfums et Poésie', about the book Bagdad / Jérusalem (publisher Bruno Doucey) of Salah Al Hamdani et Ronny Someck.

Read the program > here

Institut du monde arabe
1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard
75005 Paris

12 - 13 november 2016



with Jean Cristophe (left) and Salah Al Hamdani   Reading at the Institut Du Monde Arabe   with Baudelaire

With his wife Liora   Interviewed together with Salah Al Hamdani




September 24st 2016

Ronny Someck at the festival ‘Lettres d’Israël 2016’ in Paris

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the festival ‘Lettres d’Israël’ 6-29 september in Paris.

He read on thursday 29th september 19:00 at the Maison de la Poésie, Passage Molière 157, rue Saint-Martin, 75 003 Paris.

He was joined by the poets Salah Al Hamdani and Michel Eckhard Elial and the event was called: Ronny Someck, Poésie en partage.

Maison de la Poésie
Passage Molière
157 rue Saint-Martin
75003 Paris
Métro: Rambuteau – RER : Châtelet-Les Halles – Bus : 29, 38, 47, 75


All the information about the festival Lettres d’Israël > here



Le baiser de la poésie

Also at the same event 'Le baiser de la poésie, 24 poèmes d’amour de Yehuda Amichaï et Ronny Someck' (='The Kiss of Poetry, 24 love poems of Yehuda Amichaï et Ronny Someck') was presented.
The poems are chozen and translated by Michel Eckhard Elial.
The publisher is Editions Levant.
See the flyer > here
See and hear the complete reading > here



And here some pictures

    Michel Eckhard Elial, Salah Al Hamdani, Michele Tauber, Ronny Someck and the translator


with Laurent Natrella of the Comedie Francaise   with Oscar Wilde and his 'absolute impertinence'   with his wife Liora



La Bohème

Je m'en allais, les poings dans mes poches crevées;
Mon paletot aussi devenait idéal;
J'allais sous le ciel, Muse ! et j'étais ton féal;
Oh ! là là ! que d'amours splendides j'ai rêvées!

Mon unique culotte avait un large trou.
- Petit-Poucet rêveur, j'égrenais dans ma course
Des rimes. Mon auberge était à la Grande Ourse.
- Mes étoiles au ciel avaient un doux frou-frou

Et je les écoutais, assis au bord des routes,
Ces bons soirs de septembre où je sentais des gouttes
De rosée à mon front, comme un vin de vigueur;

Où, rimant au milieu des ombres fantastiques,
Comme des lyres, je tirais les élastiques
De mes souliers blessés, un pied près de mon coeur!

Arthur Rimbaud

At the entrance of the House of Poetry in front of the poem La Bohème by Arthur Rimbaud    



September 14st 2016

Opening new exhibition of Ronny Someck at the the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan


On september 13th was the opening of a new exhibition called 'Ronny Someck Hall of Fame 2' at the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan.

Here some information about the exhibition:

Exhibition Ronny Someck Hall of Fame 2 13/09/2016 - 13/11/2016
The museum of Israeli art, Ramat Gan, 146 Abba Hillel st, Ramat Gan

See the cataloque > here
Read an interview in Maariv > here
See an interview on tv > here

The curator of the exhibition Meir Aharonson (left) and Ronny Someck at the opening



with Yair Lapid at the opening   with Meir Aharonson, curator of the exhibition







September 7st 2016

Ronny Someck at the Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz 2016

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the VII International Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz 2016 Ukraine, 9-11 september.

In Czernowitz read 30 poets from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israël, Rumania, England and the Ukraine.

One of the main themes of the festival was the tragedy of Babi Jar, 75 years ago.

Read the program > here



Ronny Someck reads at the jewish cemetery. Eugenia lopata (left) reads the translations.

    At the Paul Celan Literaturzentrum at Czernowitz    


    At the television station    


    Local grafitti   At the Paul Celan monument



July 21st 2016

Ronny Someck about Mahmoud Darwish

Israeli Ministers Miri Regev and Avigdor Liberman have attacked Army Radio over a broadcast featuring Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, even though his poetry is taught in Israeli schools.

Read Ronny Someck's reaction on the internetsite of 'Al Monitor the pulse of the Middle East' > here


Palestinian poet and journalist Mahmoud Darwish gestures during Carthage Theater Days in a Tunis theater, Dec. 6, 2007. (photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)



June 5th 2016

Ronny Someck in Budapest, Hungary for the launch of an Israeli-Hungarian anthology


On the first of June Ronny Someck visited Budapest, Hungary for the launch of an Israeli-Hungarian Anthology in the Müpa Theatre Budapest (Palace of Arts).
The anthology is called 'The Thirst Epidemic' containing forty contemporary Israeli poets.

The evening was in the presence of Ronny Someck and Salman Masalha, whose works are also included in the anthology. Both read some poems and the translations were read by the Hungarian actors Hegyi Barbara and Hegedüs D. Géza.

The anthology is compiled by Rami Saari and the poems are translated from Hebrew into Hungarian by Uri Asaf and Marno János.


    The cover of the book   In Budapest he was for a moment together with one of his heroes, the legendary Hungarian footballplayer Ferenc Puskás (1927-2006)

Ronny Someck and Hegedűs D. Géza    

Salman Masalha, Ilan Mor (Israelian ambassador in Hugary) and Ronny Someck   Liora Someck, Salman Masalha, Ronny Someck and Ohad N. Kaynar (first secretary Israelian Embassy in Hungary)



May 26st 2016

Ronny Someck is guest in the Blogspot of Chris Rice Cooper. Read about him and see some nice pictures > here





May 16st 2016

Ronny Someck visited Turin

Ronny Someck visited the International Book Fair in Turin, the 29th ‘Salone Internazionale del Libro’ in Torino, Italy 12-16 May 2016.

On the 12th and 13 th of May he gave some readings.

Read two interviews with him (in Italian):

DD 68 mag 2016 > here
Pagine Ebraiche 05 2016, page 9 > here






March 24st 2016

Johan Cruyff (1947 - 2016)

Ronny Someck is a wellknown admirer of the Dutch soccer team.
Today their best player ever and maybe of the world, Johan Cruyff, died at the age of 68.

See Ronny Someck's tribute to Johan Cruyff > here

Ronny Someck with his Dutch footballshirt




November 24st 2015

Out now! Ronny Someck's latest book in the USA 'The Milk Underground' (The Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation)

The 'Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation' is a prize of $1,000 and publication by White Pine Press will be given annually for a book of poetry translated into English.

This year the winner is 'The Milk Underground' poems from Ronny Someck, translated by Hana Inbar and Robert Manaster.

roduct Details
Series: The Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation (Book 3)
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: White Pine Press; Tra edition (September 15, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1935210726
ISBN-13: 978-1935210726
Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.8 x 0.4 inches
Paperback: $16.00

Read the review by Jen Hinst-White on the internetsite of Image! Arts & Faith > here
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Read an interview with the two translators > here

"The Milk Underground possesses the clarity we associate with the films that shape our lives. He is the auteur of angst, the director of a cast of characters destined to haunt our dreams, the one who knows best how to frame his, and our, experience. Someck is one of the most inventive poets around." — Christopher Merrill, Necessites

"In poetic language that is both conversational and lyrical, Inbar and Manaster masterfully and seamlessly translate Someck's wide-ranging, horrified and loving vision." — Aliki Barnstone




'Carta a Fernando Pessoa'


November 9st 2015

Ronny Someck visited Brazil

Ronny Someck visited Brazil to participate in various events in São Paulo, Rio and Porto Alegre, to promote his new book of poems in Portuguese, 'Carta a Fernando Pessoa' ('Letter to Fernando Pessoa').

In Sao Paulo, Someck participated in a reading in the House Guilherme de Almeida, on 31th of October, with his translator Moacir Amâncio.
On the 1st of November he visited the Library Culture in the National Assembly and on day 3 he was at the University of São Paulo.
Then he went to Rio, where he attended Flupp Literary Festival of Peripheries at the Complexo Babilônia/Chapéu Mangueirain in Leme, Rio de Janeiro.
At least on the last day of his visit to Brazil, he launched his new book 'Carta a Fernando Pessoa' at the International Book Fair of Porto Alegre.

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      with his translator Moacir Amâncio


At the Book Fair Porto Alegre with a poster of Fernando Pessoa   In the streets of São Paulo   At the Football Museum São Paulo


At the Flupp Festival with Moacir Amâncio   After the reading signing his book



October 18st 2015

Ronny Someck made a placemat

Ronny Someck made a placemat for a café restaurant in Jerusalem called 'Tmol Shilshom'. All the paintings and the poems are from Ronny Someck.

See the placemat > here

Visit the internetsite of 'Tmol Shilshom' > here

See a film on Youtube about 'Tmol Shilshom' > here




October 11th 2015

Ronny Someck visited Brussels, Belgium

On October 8th 2015 Ronny Someck visited Brussels, Belgium for a reading together with Aleksandra Dańczyszyn (Poland), slam, Sissal Kampmann (Faroe Islands), readings, Veronika Kivisilla (Estonia), a capella singing, Karl Seglem (Norway), jazz poems and Daniel Varro (Hungary), story telling poetry.

See some pictures here.



    Ronny Someck with poet Aleksandra Dańczyszyn from Poland

    The new book of Ronny Someck and Salah al Hamdani also in Brussels    



September 21th 2015

Ronny Someck interviewed on i24news about 'Deux Enfants de Bagdad'

Ronny Someck is interviewed on i24news about his book 'Deux Enfants de Bagdad' he wrote together with Salah Al Hamdani.

See the interview here.



July 19th 2015

Deux Enfants de Bagdad

On september 9th Les Arènes at Paris will publish a book with poems of Ronny Someck and Salah Al Hamdani called 'Deux Enfants de Bagdad' (Two Children of Bagdad).

Ronny Someck est un poète juif israélien né en 1951 à Bagdad. Il avait un an et demi quand sa famille a quitté l’Irak. Il est un des poètes israéliens les plus renommés.

Salah Al Hamdani est né également en 1951 à Bagdad. Il a quitté l’Irak à son âge d’homme pour la France. Il est aujourd’hui un poète arabe reconnu.

Lorsque Ronny et Salah se sont rencontrés pour la première fois en 2010, ils ont retrouvé leur langue commune: l’arabe et sont tombés dans les bras l’un de l’autre comme deux vieux amis, deux frères.

Ce livre est né de cette rencontre.

L’un est juif, l’autre arabe.
L’un est un lettré, l’autre un autodidacte qui s’est découvert une vocation en prison.
L’un est citoyen d’Israël, l’autre est exilé en France.

Pourtant, ils se sont trouvé plus de ressemblances que de différences.
Ils sont les deux rives du même fleuve.
Ils sont deux enfants de Bagdad.

Gilles Rozier, qui a recueilli et mis en forme les témoignages de Ronny Someck et Salah Al Hamdani, est l’auteur de six romans, dont Un amour sans résistance, traduit en douze langues, et D’un pays sans amour. Il est également traducteur du yiddish, de l’hébreu et chroniqueur littéraire au quotidien israélien Haaretz.

Read the announcement and more information about the book > here




June 22nd 2015



June 9st 2015

Ronny Someck at the Passepartoutfestival, Asti, Italy 6-14 jun 2015

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the Passepartout festival in Asti, Italy 6-14 june.

On saturday june 6th Ronny Someck was invited in the university of Asti for a reading with the title 'Ways of Freedom', together with Maurizio Molinari and Salah Al Hamdani.

Ronny Someck and Maurizio Molinari   The university of Asti


See the program > here
Read some articles in the newspapers > here


Salah al Hamdani and Ronny Someck   Alberto Sinigaglia,Ronny Someck, Maurizio Molinari and Salah al Hamdani    



June 4st 2015

Exhibition of visual arts students of the Institute of Art of Tel Hai, after poems by Ronny Someck

On June 1, 19:00, was the opening of the exhibition of visual arts students of the Institute of Art of Tel Hai, after poems by Ronny Someck.





April 29st 2015

Ronny Smomeck visited the 'Festival Internacional de Poesía' in Buenos Aires

Ronny Someck was one the foreign poets who were invited for the 'Festival Internacional de Poesía' in Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 23 - May 11).
Here are some pictures.


Ronny Someck (left) with poet Alex Susanna    


    Ronny Someck with his Spanish book
'El Paraíso del Arroz' (=Rice Paradise)



March 24st 2015

Ronny Someck visited Germany

Ronny Someck visited Germany for the ' Die Jüdischen Kulturtage im Rheinland'.
On 22th march there was a reading in Hilden and on the 23th of march in Düsseldorf, both together with his German translator Frank Schablewski.

See and hear Ronny Someck and Frank Schablewski read Someck's poem 'Die Ballade über die Senke des Alkohols' (The Ballad of Alcohol Valley') > here


In Hilden

Frank Schablewski (left) and Ronny Someck    

In Düsseldorf

Photo made by Avraham Eilat   Photo made by Avraham Eilat



March 18st 2015

Poem of Ronny Someck in the magazin 91st Meridian

The poem of Ronny Someck Self-Portrait of the Commando with an illustration by him was published in the internet-magazine 91st Meridian.

Read the magazin > here

Read the poem now:

Self-Portrait of the Commando

To commit the perfect crime first you will need a block of ice. A shard
of it will pierce the victim's jugular vein
and fresh blood will melt away the fingerprints.

Thus violence can turn a page of poetry into the neck of a sentry
the moment before your legs hop the barbed wire fence
and dance in the heart of enemy territory.

At age eighteen I chewed nails,
spit rust.
And it was only because of my poor eyesight that I wasn't allowed in the Navy.
The sea was painted in the beautiful recruitment-officer's eyes,
and motor-boats put-putted onto her lips' shores.
She almost said, "get a camera, and take a picture of your life.
If you ever lose it,
at least you'll still have
a copy."

Translated from the Hebrew by Henry Israeli





February 16st 2015

Where Baghdad meets Jerusalem

Ronny Someck and Salah Al Hamdani have been interviewed by the newspaper Haaretz for the 27th biennial Jerusalem International Book Fair.

Read the article > here





February 11st 2015

Ronny Someck has been interviewed by the newspaper Haaretz for the 27th biennial Jerusalem International Book Fair.

Read the article > here





Ferbruary 1st 2015

Ronny Someck is one of the 110 poets from all over the world who are in the anthology 'L'insurrection poétique'. Other poets are Ingrid Jonker, Breyten Breytenbach, Jack Hirschman, Max Jacob and many others.
The anthology is established by Christian Poslaniec and Bruno Doucey.
The book is published by Éditions Bruno Doucey.
The language is French.
Read the announcement > here

L'insurrection poétique
manifeste pour vivre ici
256 pages
€ 19,00
ISBN 978-2-36229-078-7





January 15st 2015

Magazin Haaretz choose the poem 'Rain on the kiosk' by Samih al-Qasim as Poem of the Week. Ronny Someck made the illustration.
Read the article > here


Rain on the Kiosk

By Samih al-Qasim

Sudden rain comes down
across the morning papers.
rain –
and the ink flows
from one language into another.
The mannequin’s face fades from the cover,
the proud athlete with his first trophy.
mascara runs from the actress’s eyes;
the deep crimson oozes; wounds open
on the op-ed page.
The small kiosk closes its door.
on the late edition.


Translated from Arabic by Nazih Kassis




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