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September 21th 2015

Ronny Someck interviewed on i24news about 'Deux Enfants de Bagdad'

Ronny Someck is interviewed on i24news about his book 'Deux Enfants de Bagdad' he wrote together with Salah Al Hamdani.

See the interview here.



July 19th 2015

Deux Enfants de Bagdad

On september 9th Les Arènes at Paris will publish a book with poems of Ronny Someck and Salah Al Hamdani called 'Deux Enfants de Bagdad' (Two Children of Bagdad).

Ronny Someck est un poète juif israélien né en 1951 à Bagdad. Il avait un an et demi quand sa famille a quitté l’Irak. Il est un des poètes israéliens les plus renommés.

Salah Al Hamdani est né également en 1951 à Bagdad. Il a quitté l’Irak à son âge d’homme pour la France. Il est aujourd’hui un poète arabe reconnu.

Lorsque Ronny et Salah se sont rencontrés pour la première fois en 2010, ils ont retrouvé leur langue commune: l’arabe et sont tombés dans les bras l’un de l’autre comme deux vieux amis, deux frères.

Ce livre est né de cette rencontre.

L’un est juif, l’autre arabe.
L’un est un lettré, l’autre un autodidacte qui s’est découvert une vocation en prison.
L’un est citoyen d’Israël, l’autre est exilé en France.

Pourtant, ils se sont trouvé plus de ressemblances que de différences.
Ils sont les deux rives du même fleuve.
Ils sont deux enfants de Bagdad.

Gilles Rozier, qui a recueilli et mis en forme les témoignages de Ronny Someck et Salah Al Hamdani, est l’auteur de six romans, dont Un amour sans résistance, traduit en douze langues, et D’un pays sans amour. Il est également traducteur du yiddish, de l’hébreu et chroniqueur littéraire au quotidien israélien Haaretz.

Read the announcement and more information about the book > here





June 22nd 2015


The Milk Underground

The 'Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation' is a prize of $1,000 and publication by White Pine Press will be given annually for a book of poetry translated into English.

This year the winner is 'The Milk Underground' poems from Ronny Someck, translated by Hana Inbar and Robert Manaster.

Publication Date: November 10, 2015
The book has 128 pages and will cost $21.95.





June 9st 2015

Ronny Someck at the Passepartoutfestival, Asti, Italy 6-14 jun 2015

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of the Passepartout festival in Asti, Italy 6-14 june.

On saturday june 6th Ronny Someck was invited in the university of Asti for a reading with the title 'Ways of Freedom', together with Maurizio Molinari and Salah Al Hamdani.

Ronny Someck and Maurizio Molinari   The university of Asti


See the program > here
Read some articles in the newspapers > here


Salah al Hamdani and Ronny Someck   Alberto Sinigaglia,Ronny Someck, Maurizio Molinari and Salah al Hamdani    



June 4st 2015

Exhibition of visual arts students of the Institute of Art of Tel Hai, after poems by Ronny Someck

On June 1, 19:00, was the opening of the exhibition of visual arts students of the Institute of Art of Tel Hai, after poems by Ronny Someck.





April 29st 2015

Ronny Smomeck visited the 'Festival Internacional de Poesía' in Buenos Aires

Ronny Someck was one the foreign poets who were invited for the 'Festival Internacional de Poesía' in Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 23 - May 11).
Here are some pictures.


Ronny Someck (left) with poet Alex Susanna    


    Ronny Someck with his Spanish book
'El Paraíso del Arroz' (=Rice Paradise)



March 24st 2015

Ronny Someck visited Germany

Ronny Someck visited Germany for the ' Die Jüdischen Kulturtage im Rheinland'.
On 22th march there was a reading in Hilden and on the 23th of march in Düsseldorf, both together with his German translator Frank Schablewski.

See and hear Ronny Someck and Frank Schablewski read Someck's poem 'Die Ballade über die Senke des Alkohols' (The Ballad of Alcohol Valley') > here


In Hilden

Frank Schablewski (left) and Ronny Someck    

In Düsseldorf

Photo made by Avraham Eilat   Photo made by Avraham Eilat



March 18st 2015

Poem of Ronny Someck in the magazin 91st Meridian

The poem of Ronny Someck Self-Portrait of the Commando with an illustration by him was published in the internet-magazine 91st Meridian.

Read the magazin > here

Read the poem now:

Self-Portrait of the Commando

To commit the perfect crime first you will need a block of ice. A shard
of it will pierce the victim's jugular vein
and fresh blood will melt away the fingerprints.

Thus violence can turn a page of poetry into the neck of a sentry
the moment before your legs hop the barbed wire fence
and dance in the heart of enemy territory.

At age eighteen I chewed nails,
spit rust.
And it was only because of my poor eyesight that I wasn't allowed in the Navy.
The sea was painted in the beautiful recruitment-officer's eyes,
and motor-boats put-putted onto her lips' shores.
She almost said, "get a camera, and take a picture of your life.
If you ever lose it,
at least you'll still have
a copy."

Translated from the Hebrew by Henry Israeli





February 16st 2015

Where Baghdad meets Jerusalem

Ronny Someck and Salah Al Hamdani have been interviewed by the newspaper Haaretz for the 27th biennial Jerusalem International Book Fair.

Read the article > here





February 11st 2015

Ronny Someck has been interviewed by the newspaper Haaretz for the 27th biennial Jerusalem International Book Fair.

Read the article > here





Ferbruary 1st 2015

Ronny Someck is one of the 110 poets from all over the world who are in the anthology 'L'insurrection poétique'. Other poets are Ingrid Jonker, Breyten Breytenbach, Jack Hirschman, Max Jacob and many others.
The anthology is established by Christian Poslaniec and Bruno Doucey.
The book is published by Éditions Bruno Doucey.
The language is French.
Read the announcement > here

L'insurrection poétique
manifeste pour vivre ici
256 pages
€ 19,00
ISBN 978-2-36229-078-7





January 15st 2015

Magazin Haaretz choose the poem 'Rain on the kiosk' by Samih al-Qasim as Poem of the Week. Ronny Someck made the illustration.
Read the article > here


Rain on the Kiosk

By Samih al-Qasim

Sudden rain comes down
across the morning papers.
rain –
and the ink flows
from one language into another.
The mannequin’s face fades from the cover,
the proud athlete with his first trophy.
mascara runs from the actress’s eyes;
the deep crimson oozes; wounds open
on the op-ed page.
The small kiosk closes its door.
on the late edition.


Translated from Arabic by Nazih Kassis




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