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Ronny Someck - his poetry



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See the Yinon Muallem Quintet play and sing Ronny Someck's poem ' Antalya'.

Lyrics: Ronny Someck
Music: Yinon Muallem
Arrangement: Orel Oshrat

Yinon Muallem: Oud, Vocal
Sivan Oshrat: Vocal
Orel Oshrat: Piano
Meni Welt: Double Bass
Maayan Doari: Percussion

Recorded live at Alt Studios Israel
Mixed & Mastered at ADA studios Istanbul
Video Clip by: Nadav Ariel
Group Picture by :Rami Zarnegar

Booking: info@simplymusicland.com
Please visit to buy the cd: yinonmuallemquintet.bandcamp.com





Tel Aviv at Night


Hear Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat sing and play Ronny Someck's poem 'Tel Aviv at Night'.





Poème de Bonheur




Poème de Bonheur

Nous sommes posés sur le gâteau
comme des figurines de maries
Quand le couteau tranchera
essayons de rester sur la même tranche

Tr: Michel Eckhard Elial





The Mouth



The Mouth

The mouth is like a stable gate
kicked open by a horse - a word.
"Giddyap," I shout to love,
"Giddyap, giddyap".
And it tosses its mane
bearing on its back a pile of flame
it plundered from wayside bonfires.

Tr: Vivian Eden





In front of bird food packages in a Belgium supermarket



In front of bird food packages in a Belgium supermarket

There are no tweets on this shelf.
Full birds
do not chant.

Tr: Shirly Someck