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Ronny Someck - news 2014



December 28st 2014



December 20st 2014

Ronny Someck just came back from China, where he visited a meeting with Chinese writers from the China writer association in Beijing & Shanghai 13-19 December.

    With Zuh Lee (left) from the Literature Museum


    With Amalia Rozenblum (left) and a Chinese policeman (middle)   With Dror Burstein (right) at the Chinese Wall   Christmas 2014 in China



December 7st 2014

Ronny Someck just came back from Turkey where he was present at the prestentation of his book with his poems called 'The Ballad of Alcohol Valley' with Turkish translations by Muesser Yeniay.


With the translator Muesser Yeniay (left)   With ud-player Yinon Muallem (right)



November 1st 2014

Exhibition 'On ha and Dada'

Ronny Someck is one of the participants of the exhibition 'On ha and Dada'.
The exhibition takes place at the Tel Aviv harbour. It is homage to the Dada movement from Marcel Yanco till today.
The curators are Eti Fabian and Orit Kimel in coperation with the 'Ein Hod Museum'.

Among the artists are Ronny Someck (poet and painter), Marcel Yanco, Freddy Fabian, Ronen Shaharabani (video art), Boaz Arad and the performers group of Hony Hameagel.

The opening was on November 1.
Read about the opening and exhibition > here

Through Nov, Mon-Thu 16:00-22:00, Fri 10:00-15:00, Sat 12:00-19:00,
Pavilion 16 at the Orient Fair, Yarid ha’Mizrach, Tel Aviv.





October 7th 2014

Samih al-Qasim (1939-2014)

Beloved Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasim died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer, following a worsening of his health this past week.
He was 75.

Read Ronny Someck's poem which he wrote for him.


Ronny Someck

For Samih al-Qasim on the Day of his Death

They said that you
Are the guitar of Palestine
That you strung barbed wire
In place of strings
To play at the wedding of the bride
Who ran away from the nuptials.

You said that she is your land
And you will never cease
Writing songs of the fate of the ring
That suspends from her ear.

Translation: Karen Alkalay-Gut




July 31th 2014

Israels Boheme lässt sich vom Alarm nicht stören

Read the article in the German newspaper 'Die Welt' > here




July 3th 2014

Ronny Someck: Poet and a Holland fan

Before the start of the World Cup 2014 football an Israeli newspaper asked 11 people from politics, literature etc.: "Who is your favourite for the title?"
Ronny Smeck said: "Holland".
And he posed in a Dutch football shirt.
Read the article > here


On 03/06/2014 he explained on TV on the Israeli Sport Channel why Holland is his favourite.




June 2th 2014

Ronny Someck received the Insigne de Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

On June 2th Ronny Someck received the Insigne de Chevalier des Arts et Lettres at the Institut francais in Tel-Aviv handed by the French ambassador in Israël monsieur S.E. Patrick Maisonnave.








May 29th 2014

Opening exhibition 'Ronny Someck Hall of Fame'

On May 29th in the Museum of Israeli Art at Ramat Gan was the opening of the exhibition 'Ronny Someck Hall of Fame'.
Ronny Someck made 76 portraits of well known writers and poets from all over the world. He made also some poems for several of them.
You can visit the exhibition until october 2014.

Here are some pictures, taken at the opening of the exhibition.








February 13th 2014

Ronny Someck's 'Flughäfen' (Airports) 'poem of the day'


Today, February 13, Ronny Someck's poem 'Flughäfen' (Airports) is the 'poem of the day' on the website of Hugendubel, one of the biggest booksellers in Germany.

See it also > here



February 10th 2014

Ronny Someck wrote 'Nabucco Blues'

Ronny Someck wrote the poem 'Nabucco Blues' for Giuseppe Verdi's bicentenary, Haim Permont composed the music and The Israel Symphony Orchestra played it.
The premiere was on February 6th 2014. Read the article > here

Nabucco Blues

Mini Libretto by Ronny Someck

1. Nebuchadnezzar

I Nebuchadnezzar made a vow
to forget that I am a stem
of Queen of Sheba and Solomon.
With my own hands I shall destroy the temple
that my great grandfather had built in Jerusalem,
and I shall lay a stone in
every Jewish slave’s hand
and together we shall build the tower
that God demolished in Babylonia.

2. The Slaves

We are the slaves who despise the uncalled for muscles
on our arms, hold in our hands stones from the Jerusalem ruins.
Our hearts heap of burning coals.
Our eyes are burning.
And the fire in our hands beating like a whip.
“Where are you heading” you ask.
“When we return,” we answer, “We shall know where we set,
and where we wept”.

3. Verdi

I Giuseppe Verdi saw as a child
saw my mother spinning threads
with which, after years I sewed the royal attire
And the robes to cover Avigail’s
and to Nebuchadnezzar, Pnina’s
corporal passion.
With the leftover threads I have woven sacks
to cover scars on my body
and the slave’s body.




January 27th 2014

Ronny Someck visited the literary festival Le Havre

Ronny Someck visited the literary festival 'Le Goût des autres' Le Havre, France 23-26 january 2014

Read the program > here



    Left to right: Ronny Someck, Rachida Brakni, Salah Al Hamdani